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Brooklyn Fantastic (new film starring Susan Buice) production blog is alive

I believe this is the official debut of the title of my new fiction feature - previously referred to on this blog as Brooklyn Movie - and the title is Brooklyn Fantastic. The website for the film will come alive in April, but in the meantime Brooklyn Fantastic production news can be found at its production blog, launched today.

From the welcome message on the Brooklyn Fantastic blog:

"Welcome to the production blog for the 2009 feature comedy-drama Brooklyn Fantastic - a film about attempting to start over in a new city & searching for a valuable object. BF stars Susan Buice (Four Eyed Monsters), Amir Motlagh (Whale), and features several other talented actors from the emerging NYC DIY/new independent film community. BF is written & directed by Sujewa Ekanayake (Date Number One)."

Vist the BF blog here.

- Sujewa



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