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Modern Love Is Automatic review at Indigenity

I'll have to check out MLIA just for the title alone - very good choice whoever picked it. From the brief review at Indigenity blog (nice yellow background at that blog btw, & great title design - good job Erin):

" "No Wave Douglas Sirk" isn't a bad description for this movie, but I see shades of Wes Anderson here, too; not only with the stylization but also with the characterization of Adrian and the sadness underneath it all. Leading lady Melodie Sisk is a curvy, husky-voiced leading lady in the vein of Susan Hayward and Kathleen Turner, and Maggie Ross' comical performance conceals the innate desperation of Adrian. The only bone I had to pick, really, was the death-metal music, which came off loud on my DVD player (but maybe sounds better in a theater setting). Even that, however, seems to be compliant with The Yeah Yeah Yeahs production values of Modern Love."

Read the rest of the Modern Love Is Automatic review at Indigenity.


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