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On a DIY Cooking Movement & A New (post-mumblecore) Group of Indie Filmmakers Working Together In NYC

Tired of reading about a certain DIY film movement ( i am not, really, but some of you out there might be by the end of this weekend), so, here's an article about a new culinary movement happening in Brooklyn:

(note - the quote is from the New York Times, but featured in the site i pointed to above & below)

"These Brooklynites, most in their 20s and 30s, are hand-making pickles, cheeses and chocolates the way others form bands and artists’ collectives. They have a sense of community and an appreciation for traditional methods and flavors. They also share an aesthetic that’s equal parts 19th and 21st century, with a taste for bold graphics, salvaged wood and, for the men, scruffy beards."

More here.

I know very little about cooking (a lot less than what I know about filmmaking, which, some would say, is not a lot :) but, it is exciting to read about a culinary "movement" - so, this might be what it's like for people who are just discovering Mumblecore - kind of exciting.

Also, there is another, a new, bunch of filmmakers working together in NYC - at the moment they have about 5 completed features (Cookies & Cream, Uptown, Carter, Sandcastles, & Harry's Judy - just off the top of my head) & are planning in the near future/this year to have somewhere around 10 features completed - that's right - TEN - & some of them are heavily inspired by the Mumblecore filmmakers, & they do not have a "movement" label yet, but you can find news about them at One Way Community blog (& you can buy several of the completed features through the blog). I for one am glad that they exist in NYC, I've been able to fill out cast & crew roles on my latest feature Brooklyn Fantastic using members from the One Way family.

So, I guess yay for people cooking or making indie movies together (regardless of how the food tastes to me or the movies feel to me, the fact that a few new artists are working together is news in itself - and, as you can see, something that helps with marketing, & something to talk about).

- Sujewa


1Way or Another said…
Thanks Sujewa. To be exact, there are actually 10 already completed features from us, either in wrapped, in post, or released and available. The five you named are of the ten, as well as Life After Death, What About DC?, Ink, Rooftop, and One Hour 2 Live - a few of which were "canned" and we "acquired" to promote and help distribute. Miranda continues production this summer, and is the first to be launched from the 2009 slate of 10 more (at varied budgets).

As for the mumblecore influence, there wasn't much aesthetic influence as it was a production influence - in other words, those guys (some of them friends of ours) basically got us to collectively get off our asses and shoot.

Thanks so much for the love!