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Photos from Brooklyn Fantastic production - March '09

Amir Motlagh (lead in Story 1) arrives in NYC from LA after a full day of traveling - around
10 PM at a restaurant in Queens on Wed 3/18

Susan Buice (lead in Story 2) & Amir at rehearsal

Susan at Snack Town in Bed-Stuy, meal break

Ryan Andrew Balas (boom mic) and Richard Buonagurio (audio gear hook up, back up crew) at Snack Town

Amir & Susan at Life Cafe, where many a lunch was eaten by Team BF

Trouble Bears - Sujewa Ekanayake (director) & Susan

Amir looking like a New Yorker, on our way back from B & H Photo on 3/19

Kami Locklear makes it to NYC from Baltimore to act in BF, this is at a Starbucks in Manhattan - near Penn Station, on 3/19

Kami in her character Kelly's outfit

Amir, Susan, Kami, Sujewa after wrapping a scene, about to take off to another location

Sleeping arrangements for out of town cast & crew - space age air mattress technology on right

Ryan rocking the boom mic while the production camera patiently awaits, ready to go

Susan on set for the Croom Lady scene

Ryan, Sujewa, & Rosa Salazar filming the Croom Lady scene

Rosa as Croom Lady

After lunch at a French joint near Williamsburg

A moment that Ryan & Amir are not proud of - enjoying banana splits after a long day's work/walking around in the cold & filming in Manhattan

Ryan & Amir on Amir's character Mike A.'s apartment set



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