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You Won't Miss Me screening times at SXSW

I won't be at SXSW so I'll have to catch this very interesting looking movie some other time, but, for folks who are gonna be in Austin next week, here are the screening times (as of today) for Ry Russo-Young's new movie:

"Narrative Feature :: screening in: Special Screenings
Screening Times
9:30 PM, Friday March 13th - Alamo Lamar 2 Add this to my SXSW Calendar
7:30 PM, Tuesday March 17th - Alamo Ritz 2 Add this to my SXSW Calendar
7:30 PM, Friday March 20th - Alamo Lamar 3 Add this to my SXSW Calendar
everything subject to change"
From this page at the SXSW '09 site.



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