Friday, July 17, 2009

Humpday & G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

I'll definitely have to go see G.I. Joe even though it may suck 'cause I used to collect G.I. Joes. Humpday, not so sure, but the clips look funny, & the interview with Mr. Duplas is entertaining - check it out:

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Anonymous said...

Wait. So you "definitely want to see GI Joe" - a big budget Hollywood piece of crap although you admit "it might suck" but you're "not so sure" about Humpday?? Someone with no budget roots and really no real budget and you dont support, no forget that, you are not the least bit interested in something more real and honest and a more organic way of working that has coming out of the no budget digital community that you claim for years to support and you wont support it?

So typical. You subtly hate on any no budget film that achieves ANY level of mainstream success. I guess you only support DIY work that has to rely only on DIY distribution. Tully was right. You are a fucking fraud.

Your blog is done. You have been exposed. Thanks for the heads-up warning, Tully.



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