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These cars transform into old racist stereotypes, their powers include the ability to ruin an otherwise alright robots & war movie

Brief interview with Transformers 2 screenwriters about Michael Bay's Jar-jar Binks moments (creating two Autobots to resemble characters that could have come out of blackface minstrel shows from racist entertainment from a few decades ago) on the robots & war movie part 2, at Film School Rejects.

Other than that weird distraction (Mudflap & Skids), pretty good robots & war movie - saw it today. I think they can also do without a lot of the regular humans interacting with other regular humans parts also - since the creators of the movie are just stringing stock & stereotypical situations together to give the non-military humans something important to do.

They should just make the Duhamel character the main human focus, let the storyline about the kids in love go.

Still remember the cartoons as being better - overall stories wise. But pretty cool to see how they turned the robots into live action characters.

But, aside from all the bad choices that show up in T-formers 2, I most likely will go see the 3rd movie :) - the robots look cool, the military tech porn - things getting blown up through coordinated assaults - is pretty entertaining as simple ( & false) escapism (specially since they don't show the massive & sickening damage & destruction that human bodies would sustain in real life if they got anywhere near the kind of explosive situations that are depicted in the movie).

More on The Mudflap & Skids Situation at Shadow & Act.

- Sujewa


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