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Back from the beyond - with info on a couple of 2 Week Films, "your true "gods" " The Anunnaki, etc.

Back from beyond the iW blogs page that is (the page just doesn't read as well/entertaining without my occasional rants on way-too-indie/small films, stuff completely unrelated to film, & causing some trouble - so, out of mercy for the iW blogs reader's entertainment needs, I'll be back blogging here occasionally - until iW kicks me out :). So, I've been gone about a month, some things worth mentioning, off the top of my Sunday morning/pre-coffee or tea head:

- The 2 Week Film Project (movement?) is gaining steam - more filmmakers are lining up to make features in 2 weeks, I just shot one myself, editing it now (more info on that flick here, title is Unlimited Dreamtime, previously known as The Screening), and a couple of the completed films are on line to watch - go here (for a 2 Week Film & another film by Reid Gershbein - the founder of the project), and here for a film called The Original Soundtrack.

- Speaking of 2 Week Film Projects, I screened two in Brooklyn last month - go here for some pics from the screening. That screening is a big part of my 2 week film.

- Another thing of interest, for those of you into aliens & conspiracy theories - been reading a lot about what I'd call The Anunnaki Conspiracy - about a race of aliens who came to earth thousands of years ago & genetically engineered humans & are still involved in some mayhem on this planet. If nothing else, very entertaining stuff. Also, learned a bit about the ancient Sumerians - looks like they knew a lot about a lot of things - including astronomy - compared to their ancient peers.

That's it for now, be back this week hopefully with some clips & trailers from Unlimited Dreamtime (new site here, old site/for The Screening here).

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Al Maiorino - Italian Genealogy, Public Strategy Group, & more!

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