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Donate some $s to filmmaker & film blogger Brandon Harris's first feature Millie Pulled A Pistol On Santa

Lots of strange/somewhat evil people/entities gravitate towards film production & distribution due to it's proximity to being able to influence large numbers of people relatively quickly (mass mind control), fame, & wealth (probably also sex & power) - and some of those people end up in indie film (even though there is very little wealth, fame, ability to influence the larger culture in this sector of art/entertainment, not sure how much sex there is in the indie film world) - unfortunately - for some of us who are not as evil - but, Brandon Harris seems pretty un-evil (as far as I can tell :), is a good writer, has made a couple of interesting shorts, so, let's see how his first feature turns out. All he needs is $35K. Go here to donate whatever you can (so that's like 1000 people giving $35 each, sounds easy right?). Here's a little about Brandon's planned first feature, Millie Pulled A Pistol On Santa:

" Synopsis:

At the end of the Bush years in the northern reaches of Brooklyn’s troubled Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood, white hipsters have quickly begin to reshape the neighborhood. Roy and Virginia are such a couple, middle class white post grads looking to find a place in this quickly expanding Brooklyn bohemia. As the economic downturn threatens the relative comfort in which they exist, there lives collide with a trio of African-Americans from the neighborhood in “Millie”.

Nate, an unskilled black twenty-something who’s just been released from prison, tries to readjust to life on the outside with the help of his social worker Roger, who teaches at a local high school. Roger gets him a job as a janitor and brings him into his social circle, which is how he meets Millie, Roger’s teenage daughter.

Meanwhile Millie haunts the local library, where Roy works and begins to form a bond with the troubled young librarian, who struggles with drug abuse and self doubt in his ambitions. Slowly both he and Nate begin to suspect that Millie is being abused by her seemingly respectable father. As the two men grapple with how to act, Millie contemplates a horrible and inevitable alternative."

Go here to IndieGoGo for more on the project.


Note to self - contribute some $s to the project in September.


- Sujewa


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