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How can you get some of that $50 million being spent on indie film production each year?

Invent a system/business/community/cult/whatever where the owners of the indie movies can pay a reasonable amount of money in order to make their movies 1) available for interested audiences to buy & view, and 2) the movies are well publicized, and 3) the owners of the films have a reasonable chance to make some money back & may even be able to make a profit.

Let me know when you do it, I'll try out your service.

Backstory: Re: the $50 million figure: If 5,000 of the indie features being submitted to Sundance each year cost $10,000 on average to make & promote (at the pre-distribution, film fest application level) then $50 million is being spent by indie filmmakers. Even if the actual amount of money being spent is 1/2 of my estimate, that's still a lot of money. I think the actual amount being spent by indie filmmakers in America on production & marketing is probably several times more than $50 million a year - but, for ease of discussion, let's go with $50 million for now.

Definition: When I say indie in this document I mean real indie/DIY movies - or movies not financed, produced, or distributed by large (let's say with a value of $1 million or more) corporations.

Looking forward: Let's say you invent a popular & effective distribution mechanism that, for about 10% of the cost of production, that indie filmmakers can use/hire to distribute & possibly make some money back from their projects. If that were to happen, you/your company could make 10% of $50 million or $5 million - a year.

Re: Possible problems with this idea: See any problems with this idea? Please talk about it in Comments.

- Sujewa


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