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Moore's Capitalism "inoffensive-to-the-point-of-meaningless" - Variety

So Michael Moore has a new movie - a documentary - coming out soon, called Capitalism: A Love Story. Sounds like it is incorrectly titled (probably on purpose, to get the maximum number of people interested in it) - sounds like Moore's target in this doc is not capitalism but corruption in the financial sector. Fine, great subject to talk about - knowing being half the battle & all. But why call the film capitalism? Possibly for two reasons - either Moore believes that all business activity in the US is corrupt or he wants to sell his movie to people who equate capitalism/creating & operating businesses with corruption. So, much remains to be seen re: the doc. In the meantime, here's a quote from Variety's review of the pic:

"Unfortunately, elsewhere, Moore strives so hard to manipulate viewers' emotions with shots of crying children and tearjerking musical choices that he's not so much over-egging the pudding as making an omelet out of it. While it could be argued that Moore needs to milk the human-interest stories for all their worth to get auds to engage with his denunciation of capitalism, more often than not, such tactics just patronize the audience and descend into cheap sentimentality. Moore all but stops short of holding up dead puppies Hank Paulson personally murdered."


" the end, Moore also fails to answer his left-wing doubters, who will have plenty of evidence here that Moore's argument is less with capitalism as Marx and Engels understood it, or even as the North Koreans and Cubans do, than with capitalism's most egregious excesses in the U.S. His ideal is not the end of private ownership, just more cooperatively owned businesses where everyone shares the wealth and makes collective decisions. Moore merely flirts with counterpointing socialism with capitalism, and ultimately sets up an inoffensive-to-the-point-of-meaningless notion of democracy as capitalism's opposite."

To read the rest of the review, go here.

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