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4 features/DVDs in 6 months: Date Number One, Unlimited Dreamtime, Indie Film Blogger Road Trip, Brooklyn Fantastic

Date Number One screenings are happening this month in Brooklyn & the DVD will be out this month. After that, I will make the film I shot & edited (mostly) as a 2 Week Film Project - Unlimited Dreamtime - available on DVD (January 2010). That same month will see Indie Film Blogger Road Trip - my '09 feature doc about blogging - on DVD. Following that, Brooklyn Fantastic will be completed & made available on DVD on or by May 2010 (still need to shoot 1/2 of that film & edit it). Those are the release plans for the next six months; December 2009 - May 2010.


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Daniel said…
Hey Guys!!

So The Biracy Project opened it's doors today. It's a social experiment whereby members can get paid to participate. When you buy a membership and refer people, you make money and at the same time finance a feature film that you have a say in. A film you help create through voting and participation ie: subgenre, storyline, sub plots, casting, wardrobe, locations, catering menu, storyboards, posters, ect.

The idea is to take the studio system out of the picture and let the crowd create the movie, while getting paid to do so. Kind of like a 20 million dollar choose your own adventure.

At the end, with word of mouth promotion amoung members of the site, the money made becomes a media currency that can only be used to put toward other movies, thus creating a sustainable film cycle. Biracy is trying to turn the pirate into the buyer for better content created by the crowd itself. You need a referal code to sign on, but there is a lot of money to be made and a chance to join the revolution in film financing. Check out the link below for a code to play!

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