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IFP website registration is not difficult - Explore IFP Post 2

At first (assuming I had registered months ago) I tried entering my e-mail & member ID # to sign in to IFP's site, did not work. Then I read info. on joining the site & learned that joining the site is free & that once joined I could link my IFP membership to it (for updating info, printing out membership card, etc.). So, with that info on hand I joined the site (created a new password for it, etc.), & now my IFP membership account is linked to my IFP website account - all seems fine. There was a little bit of confusion (in my mind) re: the free site account & the paid membership account - but it only took me a minute or so to figure out why I could not sign in to the site.

I think, generally, the IFP website could be simplified, or the design could be improved. I like bank websites (they handle a lot of important information, but interacting with the sites - the ones I've seen - are relatively easy & simple), also I like Apple's website (Amazon's is not bad either). So - seemingly simple - not too many items on each page, and bright (maybe a white background for IFP site pages?), also secure seems to be things I dig about websites for orgs & businesses that I am a part of or that I need to use often. I'll try to keep some notes on possible improvements that can be made to IFP's site as I explore it more, & will turn the notes in to IFP at some point in the near future.

Will try to print out my membership card tomorrow.

- Sujewa


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