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Remaining Date Number One December screenings cancelled

Due to low attendance for the first week of screenings (2 screenings last week) & the large amount of time that would be required to do additional publicity work to increase the attendance level, I've decided to cancel the remaining 6 December screenings of DNO at Aeon Logic.

On the bright side, DNO DVDs will be available this month. So, anyone who wants to check out DNO will be able to do so on DVD.


- Sujewa


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Jason said…
You should really just have one screening at a time. This way everyone will come on the same day and you won't thin out your audience. When will the DNODVD2009 be ready for purchase?
The Sujewa said…
Good advice Jason.

DVD will be ready this month, will post up info when they are in my hands, ready to be shipped out.


- Sujewa
Liew Shi Xiong said…
any chance of it being shipped overseas to singapore? :)
The Sujewa said…
Hi Liew,

Of course I'll ship to Singapore, I love Singapore (really, what's not to love :). Will probably have to charge an extra $5 or so for it. I'll come up with a fair foreign shipment rate & method, will mention it once I start advertising the DVD. Thanks for the interest.

- Sujewa
The Sujewa said…

I am also going to list the DVD on Amazon, they offer a foreign shipment option & credit for it, so, that might also be a good way to go, we'll see what's cheaper for you.

- Sujewa
Liew Shi Xiong said…
great thanks alot for the info Sujewa! your blog is a great inspiration for an overseas film student like me too. all the best to future filmmaking endeavours

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