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DIY film 2 Do items for 2010

Behold the product of Duplass bros. DIY stylings & Hollywood $s + stars

A new NYT article about DIY film

Indie producers talking at Sundance, Part 1 & 2

Trailers for the 2 Taqwacores movies - the doc & the fiction feature

Hey, a Sundance movie that I actually want to see: Director Tanya Hamilton on "Night Catches Us"

Duplass brothers talk about their 7 million dollar movie

Amazon's guide to bar codes, with a list of bar code production companies

NYT article: "...the average production cost of a feature film submitted to Sundance is roughly $1 million..." (???)

Building bridges in Ethiopia

Awesome tech - Israeli & Doctors Without Borders field hospitals in Haiti

Tough indie director gets arm broken by actress

Ending the week with Rza Screen Test

Ride5's 3 min video contest - win $500 & other prizes

Yup, I think there is enough interesting material for a book or a doc

Is this from a different part of the indie film future? Quad Cinema's Four Wall plan looks pretty sweet

"Homewrecker" looks funny

Aid getting to Jacmel - Cine Institute video from Mon 1/18/10

4 clips from "Howl" - movie about Ginsberg

"Kaffir Culture" - interesting short video doc about a group of Sri Lankans

Trailer for Slamdance 2010 movie "Solatrium"

"Bend and Break" trailer

Haitian-American soldier goes to Haiti to help out

10 minute Empire Strikes Back

Funny short "Job Interview"

Wyclef Jean defends Yele Haiti

D.I.Y. NGO article

Lady Gaga an instrument of Illuminati mind control?

Simple D.I.Y. self-distribution for indie filmmakers - an overview

Downtown 81 trailer

Protestors & supporters for movie Caligula, 8MM footage from 1981

Part 2 of Roundtable: Giving Away Your Movie For Free

Roundtable: Giving Away Your Movie For Free - Part 1

Unlimited Mind

New Dargis NYT article about self-distribution

The Haitian Revolution in 6 parts

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