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Yup, I think there is enough interesting material for a book or a doc

So, my latest thought re: race theory is that: 1) it was very useful for the wealth building - ultimately - projects carried out by certain European companies & countries - through colonialism, conquest of new lands, & slavery, however, 2) in a post-colonial, post-slavery world, & one without complete dismantling of race theory (partially because race theory was developed into something like a living entity - a "truth" in the world/something that everyone responded to as if real though it was build on many lies/fiction/un-truths - let's say - from over 600 years of usage & refinement) there exists some very unique, sometimes hilarious, and often sad, unnecessary misery & situations that comes out of these ghosts - the ideas that are still alive even though the projects that the ideas were used to support: conquest of land & people, colonialism & slavery have been shut down for somewhere around a century or more to a little over 50 years in various parts of the world. Anyway, another interesting aspect of the workings of race theory in this world is that it is difficult to see in all its many hydra-headed permutations for most - probably a lot like that idea that the fish does not see the water or something. Anyway, this could be a good subject for a fun & informative book (not necessarily a fun subject, but I can make it fun - at least some of it) or a documentary. Maybe this'll be my doc project for this year.

Oh, I got this new wave of ideas by observing & listening in on a conversation (sometimes hilarious) re: race among a group of "multi-ethnic" students (jr high age i think) on a NYC subway ride today. More on that in the book or the doc.



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