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Conspiracy! Fascism! Secret Indie Filmmaker & Film Critic Networks! - Armond White on his Greenberg problem

Not sure exactly what happened in real life, but Armond White's article/review of Greenberg is a very entertaining read - check it out. Here is a little sample:

"Stepping into this Greenberg controversy, Hoberman holds onto his pathetic, unexamined anger. It exposes the hidden conspiracy by him and his backward children (you know who you are) to control film discourse. They give Baumbach the acclaim and attention withheld from less well-connected indie filmmakers. Their defense of Baumbach disguises their reluctance to engage this writer in a forthright discussion of aesthetics; it’s basically a witch hunt.

Well, not with me you don’t! As Chairman of the New York Film Critics Circle, I must rise above it. Hoberman’s despotic behavior blurs the line between criticism and gossip—as when disparaging Kael, relentlessly attacking Spielberg for opposing his own ethnic shibboleths or more recently giving traitorous praise to the movie Green Zone for encouraging insurrection in the American military. The pile-on and redaction by his acolytes concerning “L’Affaire Greenberg” (per is exactly what Communist cells do to anyone they disfavor. Hoberman and his (Georgia) brown shirts want to maintain the status quo. This is how fascists operate, attempting to besmirch opponents and write them out of history."

More at the New York Press article.

Whatever else Mr. White may be, he definitely is not boring :)
(also, he said - in the article - that he never called for aborting Noah Baumbach)

Also, I was on the fence about checking out Greenberg, but White's article made me want to go see the movie. So, later this week, I'll be hanging out with Greenberg & a big screen (since i am a big fan of Ben Stiller, i am sure i'll enjoy the movie even if it does sound more than a little mumblecore-y, but i also liked squid & whale, so, i'll probably like g-berg).

- S


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