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Daily Kos article about Wikileaks released combat video from Iraq

UPDATE: I am no expert, but it does look like some of the people in the group are carrying weapons. Very unfortunate that the journalists got shot & killed, either way.


Here's the intro to the article:

"Today, the intrepid folks at Wikileaks released shocking footage of US soldiers murdering 12 innocent, unarmed Iraqis, including two employees of Reuters. Two children were also brutally maimed by the attack. While the incident occurred in the summer of 2007, the military covered up the incident and stymied Freedom of Information requests until the video was recently leaked by whistleblowers."

Read the rest of the article & see video at Daily Kos.

Also check out MSNBC's article about the same video - a diferent slant on the story that pulls in quotes from military sources.


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