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Tully & Rizov call for a panel discussion on elimination of panel discussions

Actually, they haven't, but Mike Tully & Vadim Rizov's ridiculous call for the end of panel discussions regarding changes in the indie film world is both highly amusing (& inspired the false title of this post) & relatively useless/against new & possibly positive developments in indie film. I think I've only been to one indie film related panel discussion (actually, make that two, there was that one at Apple Store SoHo on Mumblecore/Gen DIY back in '07 I think, and wait, make that three - there was that one at a NY film school, actually, make that four - I took part in one at Atlanta Film Fest last year), and, from what I could tell, people there (both the panelists & the audience) enjoyed the event & some learned new things from it (so they said). I think, panel discussions & The Conversation & related gatherings that deal with indie film related matters are, like film festivals, a great opportunity for the community & or individual filmmakers to connect with other like minded people & possibly learn new things & create new opportunities for themselves. On the other hand, many people, myself included, have pointed out the limitations of indie film festivals in the past. But, changes do happen, and film festivals, as well as panel discussions & other informative gatherings are, I hope, here to stay - because they are useful to many. Privileged individuals who are interested in indie film (privileged in the sense that they live in NYC, are a part of several networks of people who are active in indie film related pursuits, etc.) such as Tully & Rizov may be tired of indie film related panel discussions. But, for the vast majority of people in the US & the world, panel discussions still have a lot to offer. And, like many other sources of information & other events, when the panels fail to draw a crowd, I am sure they will be phased out/they will no longer be produced, as they will no longer be necessary (as indicated by the lack of interest displayed by attendance). In the meantime, more panels! Just don't invite Tully & Rizov to them :)

- Sujewa


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