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Back in MD & other recent changes

So the lease ran out in NYC & got a new day job in MD so I am back in MD for the moment.

Projects that needed to get done still need to get done (dvds - DNO, IFBRT, etc.), so, hopefully before this summer is over i'll have some completed stuff to share with folks.

I got all the footage I needed for Brooklyn Fantastic, plan on getting that thing edited in time to meet the early 2011 fest deadlines. Flick will have 3 - 4 stories in it.

Nice to be back in MD/DC - low key, spacious & clean & cheaper here. But I do miss NYC. Hopefully I'll be back there for a while again in about a year or so. Until then, quick visits on Vamoose will have to do :)

- S



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Nicole said…
Sujewa, I thought that you were going to be in New York for a long time (by "long", I mean more than two-three years) and would settle in there. We never got to hang out!

It's great that you are now in post-production on that Brooklyn movie. I hope that everything comes together well with that project.
The Sujewa said…
Hey Nicole,

Living in NYC/Brooklyn was increasing the debt a little too much. So, back to low key MD/DC for a while (maybe a year), got full plans to move back to NYC in 2011 - but next time under beter economic circumstances. So, we can hang out in NYC next year.

Thanks for the positive wishes re: BF completion, looking forward to gettting it done & out to 2011 festivals, etc.

- S

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