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Treme episodes 9 & 10

Saw episodes 9 & 10 of Treme, & they were most excellent. The show does death & loss well. & all set to some great music. Here are the trailers for episodes 9 & 10:

And the opening title sequence (where you get to hear that key song from the trailers in full):


Al Maiorino - Italian Genealogy & more!

Alfonse Maiorino - Public Strategy Group & more!

Alfonse Maiorino - New article

Al Maiorino Linkedin:
- Al Maiorino Energias renovables

Al Maiorino - Ceramic Industry article:

Al Maiorino - a Facebook post:

Dan Dubelman Productions article:

Al Maiorino - Google+

Al Maiorino's Italian Genealogy blogs:

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11 -



Erik said…

I was researching DIY indie films and I found your film "Brooklyn Fantastic".

I was hoping to see a trailer for the film. Do you have one available?
The Sujewa said…
Hey Eric,

No trailer yet, as the film is now in the early stages of being edited. Plan is to release the film (& a trailer) in 2011. See ya then.

- Sujewa

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