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Amir Motlagh interview at ArtFreak

From ArtFreak:

"[ArtFreak] 2. What is the philosophical aspect of these non/anti-industrial films? Marxism, people’s art or Post-modern individual effort / potential role in a democratic state.

[Motlagh] The role of these works might be the same as any other form of art, which is at first, non-commercial based. I don't believe in any Marxist connection as this effort would be a very individual undertaking, a single channel type of expression. Also, this type of effort is anti-democratic, in the essence that it is often similar to auteur filmmaking. Again, I am only referring to the construction of the work, not the broader artistic ramifications as they relate to culture. But since I believe the culture at large is not ready to digest or accept these viable forms of art at this time (or ever, because of both quality and personalized obscurity), their existence might signify a political individualism, a self-sabotage of common sense. Because, as we have defined earlier, that the work is not leisurely pursuit, a psychological or spiritual net worth is the immediate consequences, desires and possible metaphysical goals."

Read the rest of the interview at ArtFreak.

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