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The Angry Filmmaker's Kay Boyle project

From Angry Filmmaker site:

" In 1967 at the height of the Vietnam war protests, S.I. Hiyakawa, then president of San Francisco State University, (and later United States Senator), publicly fired Kay Boyle for her active role in the student protests. Kay Boyle was 65 years old. DANGEROUS:KAY BOYLE is a feature length documentary profiling the life and work of writer and political activist Kay Boyle.

Kay Boyle has lived a life that most of us can only dream about. She has witnessed almost every major event of the 20th Century, and written about it. She was in Bohemian Paris in the 1920’s, assisted the partisans in their fight against Franco in the 1930’s, a war correspondent in the 1940’s, a blacklisted writer in the 1950’s, and a protester who served jail time in the 1960’s and 70’s. Throughout all of this she found the time to have 3 husbands, and 6 children, (her oldest is the daughter of the “doomed” poet Ernest Walsh). One husband, Laurence Vail, was known as “the last of the bohemians”, and another was a decorated war hero, the Austrian Baron Joseph von Franckenstein. She counted among her close friends, Samuel Beckett, James Joyce, James Baldwin, Joan Baez, Marcel Duchamp, Eldridge Cleaver, and Lillian Hellman. And she had a creative output that would put most of us to shame. It included 18 novels, 60 short stories, 3 children’s books and volumes of poems and essays. She was truly a “liberated”woman long before the term was ever coined. And yet the cost of that “liberation” was very high. The toll on her family and friends was quite dramatic at times. And her children still bear many of the scars of her life."

More at Angry Filmmaker.

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