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Watching Nice Guy Johnny at the moment

i was going to do a whole live blogging thing, but best just to watch the movie & write about it later. so, later on...

:: (about an hour later, movie is still rolling)

flick is shot very well. at some points looks like a J. Crew ad.

:: (flick is over)

Alright, saw Nice Guy Johnny - entertaining, time well spent, & $3.99 well spent (saw it via cable on-demand). Some thoughts about the movie:

- shot well/great cinematography from beginning to end

- great music

- the secondary character Uncle Terry is funny - an entire movie about that character might be fun to watch

- not clear about the motivations of the Brook (sp?) character - why she does some of the stuff she does - but - I guess that's like real life sometimes (maybe it would have been better if that character & Johnny had a previous thing in NY & then they met up again in NY, etc., etc. - but, the story is told/the film is set & out, what it is now is what it is)

- Ed Burns' minimalism is still at work (like in the early bar scene in the movie - clean, under populated, simply shot scene, very clean sound, etc.)

- movie's got a couple of nice shots of NYC (they should use those in the ads)

Anyway, I think that's all I'll say. Flick is worth checking out for fans of Ed Burns' movies, & perhaps also for people who are up and coming sports casters & are facing some issues with their significant others.

Here's the official trailer, iTunes access to the movie, etc:

& the official site for the movie.


&, just for fun, here is an homage (to french new wave films i think) trailer they made for NGJ:

- S


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