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DIY+, ex-DIY, post-DIY, life after DIY

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Did the indieWIRE blogs section used to be better (or am I just getting old)?

Furniture, summer light, & music

"The Real Ben Stiller" (working title) - new summer project

Jon Moritsugu on "Terminal USA"/Comcast in July & the old days of DIY distro

Blog for Green Fig, excellent new cafe in Sunset Park, is up

New short film "Khoobi (are you ok)"

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Latest on the EBM (Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center)

Film Society of Lincoln Center celebrating their new film center with free events weekend of June 10 - 12

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Saw "Midnight in Paris" :: Link to a story about the making of Woody Allen's first movie

"Machan" benefit screening for Kandy International Film Festival, Wed 5/26, Brooklyn

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