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The Fear Inside's review of the movie Septien

It's an amusing read - check it out. (well, amusing in the sense that it's funny to imagine the author of the review sitting through the movie, & also the maker of the movie is a film critic/film writer who also dabbles in filmmaking from time to time - which i imagine is a tough job - can a professional film critic/reviewer/film writer ever be a good filmmaker? probably, but it would be very difficult i think because to be a critic is to attempt to define a new work in relation to older works & to make judgements about the work not just for oneself but also for a select audience & to be a good filmmaker/artist (of the art film variety at least) is to attempt to pioneer new ways of doing things & primarily select elements that work well for oneself - anyway, all that lightly related stuff aside, i'll have to see Septien for myself & report at some point, if time permits (maybe when i get some time off in like 40 years or something :))

- S


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