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Feeling alienated by the lack of community in the indie film community?

Then you may want to to sit through Indie Film Blogger Road Trip in its entirety - available for FREE at Blip.TV - to see some old familiar faces (well, at least the faces that connect to the blogs about indie film you may have read a year or two or three ago) & to hear some thoughts about why we do what we do (at least some of us, at one point in time or another).

So, now that Indie Film Blogger Road Trip is available in its entirety on the web, off to work on getting the rest of my stuff - older movies - out on the web, DVD, etc. One partially down (still need to make more IFBRT DVDs), about 2+ to go (maybe I'll make stuff prior to Date Number One (Wild Diner, etc) a part of one DVD (later this year), & make a DNO DVD available + DNO available on the web (ASAP - by early April), & then follow up w/ a Brooklyn Fantastic DVD later this year, or just everything prior to BF on the web ASAP, & also as extra material on the BF DVD when that becomes available - maybe that's the best way to go, will see).

- S


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