Sunday, March 27, 2011

Trailers for 3 InDigEnt films, to celebrate the life & work of Gary Winick

Here's indieWIRE's article about the passing of filmmaker (& founder of InDigEnt digital video indie film production project) Gary Winick. And here are the clips: :: :: Rest in peace Gary Winick, you made some good movies while you were here. . - S


New blogs for projects by NYC artist Katheryn McGaffigan:
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Blog 10 (no blog 9, numbered wrong)

Blog 11

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Blog 13

Blog 14

Blog 15

Blog 16


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Nicole/MadlabPost said...

I liked Pieces of April better than Personal Velocity and would love for Katie Holmes to have done more films than she has up til now but I did not like Personal Velocity as much. It wasn't a bad movie but it wasn't something that I would want to watch multiple times either.

Tadpole is the only movie listed here that I'm not too familiar with and doubt I'll rent it unless I have some extra time one day in the future.

I liked what InDigEnt films stood for and the way that they helped promote independent films during the early digital filmmaking era.

I hope his friends and family make it through ok.

There is a documentary filmmaker who also died recently. He was in Libya, if I'm not mistaken.

This is a sad year for the independent film community, as far as losing fellow filmmakers go.



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