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Of course artists (for the most part) have always worked other jobs

But to some in the indie film world, this is a new reality - check out the shock & the sadness at this post by Ted Hope.

Indie film, for the most part, is art film people. Anything art will always require financial support from sources other than revenue generated by the selling of the said art (there are some exceptions to this view from time to time, of course).

But, on the other hand, it is only a short walk from art film to entertainment/most Hollywood type filmmaking - so, make a genre film every once in a while, distribute it, & see if u can pay some bills with the $s gained.

Anyway, everyone dies eventually, so might as well spend your time on Earth doing something that you love or at least enjoy a lot. So, if indie filmmaking is your choice for that, then enjoy it, & if you gotta have some day jobs in order to make it happen, then enjoy that part of being an indie filmmaker also.

- S

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Nicole said…
Just returned here from reading the article on IndieWire. Day jobs are a necessity and a reality for many independent filmmakers but I do not believe that it has to be an end all be all type of thing.

Day jobs serve a purpose and have their place to be sufficient enough to keep a filmmaker making ends meet while also working on his or her films, until the filmmaking work can become sustainable.

It all depends on the type of filmmaker that each filmmaker wants to be because, as it's been mentioned before (and I was reminded of this a few weeks ago) that there are different types of filmmakers....those that are after Hollywood and those that are after something meaningful but I think that the only difference between these two things is glitz and glamor, not money. Independent filmmakers can live off of their art and do not have to have day jobs forever. I know of quite a few of them right now who have done it over the years, outside of the Hollywood system.

Most of these filmmakers are people who you wouldn't see on TV at the Emmys, yet, they still manage to make films AND pay their bills at the same time, all without having a day job.

To me, that proves that filmmaking can be a career, it just depends on how well each filmmaker can work to make his or her career happen.

It all comes down to how filmmakers treat their filmmaking activities and goals. If we treat it like a hobby, then we'll always need a day job. If we treat it like a career or like a business, then we won't always need a day job. I've come to realization myself after noticing that I can only blame myself for not being as productive as possible with filmmaking and settling into the day job habit instead.

Luckily, that is changing but I can also understand the guy mentioned in that article who is going to Law school because he wants to support a family. Every individual person has to do what works for him or her.

I guess all of that is to say that day job is a reality but it also is a choice in the long-run, of what would we rather be doing.

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The Sujewa said…
true indeed nicole.

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