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What's up with all the Elvis Mitchell hate?

Here's Anne Thompson's reaction to a fellow film critic losing a job, pretty evil. That's just one of a dozen similar articles out there.

But on the bright side, here's Kim Voynar's reaction to the firing, pretty classy.

Anyway, back to the question - what's with all the hate re: Mitchell? Probably due to jealousy.

So, the future (that's the closest I can come to a Source Code reference at this time)? Mitchell will no doubt land another great gig, his supporters & friends will be happy, & the haters will either keep on hating or work on their writing & other creative skills so that they too may be able to one day experience the kind of success Mitchell has experienced. Really, has Anne Thompson appeared in Entourage playing herself - or will she ever? I don't think so.

What all this drama shows is that Mitchell is a genuine rock star film critic (perhaps the only one right now?). So whoever hires him next will benefit not only from his creative skills, but his reputation (even though they may have to work with Mitchell's apparently sometimes less than professional ways, but, you know, dealing with great talents takes some work & requires some flexibility, not an unusual thing in the entertainment biz). One thing is for certain, I did not know much about Mitchell or read much of his writing prior to the recent Movieline firing drama, and now, having read some reviews of his & having listened to interviews conducted by him, looks like he does very good work - looking forward to reading more.

- S

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