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The Case of the Missing Verizon Tech

The tale, based 100% on real life events, fresh in memory since it happened today:

1.  Verizon tech is scheduled to show up between 8 AM - 12 Noon at my apartment in Brooklyn to get us their "amazingly fast" (or some such promising/exciting thing) internet service

2.  Hours go by, no call from Verizon tech or anyone else from Verizon.  A call is placed by me to Verizon around 2 PM, literally 12,000 menus later, the automated system tells me that I am still scheduled to get internet service today & that even a live representative will have that information only (their passive aggressive way of trying to keep potential customers from even attempting to try to get a hold of a live representative).

3.  More hours go by, 6:45 PM, I call Verizon again to see what's going on.  After dealing with 12,000 menus I get a hold of a live representative.  She is not certain why the tech did not show up or call.  And she is not sure when the tech can try to come back out to my place.  She wants me to call Verizon in the morning & try & see if I can schedule another tech visit.  There is no direct number to call, I must go through 12,000 automated menus again the next day.

4.  Conclusion: Apparently Brooklyn, not unlike Bermuda Triangle for sailors of old, is a mysterious & difficult place for Verizon & their techs.  They just disappear here, time & appointments & the accepted norms in businesses - such as updating your client when major changes happen to plans - cannot be observed by Verizon in Brooklyn.  So I decide to look to other corporations for my internet needs.

Further Conclusions:

- perhaps Verizon is too big, not enough competition makes companies lazy & they start taking potential customers for granted, time for other folks to start up internet service companies for New Yorkers & everyone else for that matter

- all wise souls who reside in Brooklyn - & perhaps elsewhere for that matter - may want to think twice about ordering internet service from Verizon

- S



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The Sujewa said…
update: though no apology or explanation was issued for yesterday's no show or no call, another tech visit has been schedueled, so we'll see how it goes this time.

- S

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