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The Lokayata Series & update from NYC

Fairly restless day today, but a very good off day from day job work, got a lot of writing & organizing done for film projects.  Big news from life in NYC is the new day job is going pretty well - working for a DVD distribution company (believe it or not people still buy A LOT of DVDs in America) - still not able to make movies beyond the ultra-low budget level at best, but the job is making it possible to survive, deal with debt slowly, & get some film work done in NYC on off days - so not bad for now.

Alright, before the new film news, let's bring any new readers up to speed.  Here are the titles of the movies that I've completed so far: Fresh Coffee, Wild Diner, Capital Heartbreak & Sweetness: 17 DC Poets, Date Number One, Indie Film Blogger Road Trip.  And one more, Brooklyn Fantastic, is shot & is being edited, not yet complete.  And there are a dozen screenplays at various stages of completion at the moment.  Of the completed movies, Date Number One is available for rental from Dynamo Player, see link at top of blog.  And Indie Film Blogger Road Trip is available to view for free from Blip.TV, see link on this blog.  Brooklyn Fantastic will go out to festivals as soon as it is done, & then on DVD & VOD.  The other movies, mostly early "learning experience" movies, will be made available via some form or format in the near future (perhaps extras on VOD programs or DVDs).

But onto the next thing: The Lokayata Series.  I've planned out in great detail several movies - all ultra low/no budget, requiring no crew (maybe 1 other tech besides myself), & to be self-distributed - and all will be dealing with - in a mainstream accessible way - comedy basically - with important aspects of being alive at this moment in time & place - 2011 or so, USA, NYC.  So, I guess you can say the movies are philosophical comedies, or just comedies that deal in some significant & entertaining way with some large questions for us humans (or some persistent questions of ours, maybe mental background noise or chatter for most people) - one of which is why is the world the way it is (maybe, from one character's perspective mostly evil than good, or at least mostly dysfunctional as opposed to functional), & what, if anything, can I do about it, & if not being able to immediately make changes I want to make, how do I successfully deal with life until that time for desired change comes - stuff like that, pretty much.  Of course for each movie the questions dealt with will be very clearly defined, not vague as it may read here.  By the way the term lokayata is said to be from or refers to an ancient materialist school of philosophy from India, now largely lost, that predates Buddhism & modern Hinduism.  I also like the way the word sounds, reminds me of a word I heard in Sri Lanka as a kid - "lokaya" - or "the world".

So, that's it for coming attractions for now.  Check out Date Number One, which went live on Dynamo Player on 5/4, if you haven't yet.  I hope to deliver/make available a couple more movies - at least - next month - in June.  And then hopefully new movies on a regular basis - every couple of months.

- Sujewa




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