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Saw "Midnight in Paris" :: Link to a story about the making of Woody Allen's first movie

Saw "Midnight in Paris" at the Angelika last night (if you're gonna watch a Woody Allen movie, doing it in Manhattan may be the best way to go - but, for this movie, Paris might be better), had a lot of fun at the show.  Best to go see the movie w/ out reading too much about it.  Highly recommended for fans of literature (at least of the big names from modern lit history) & the subject of time travel. 

Good read here about the start of Woody Allen's filmmaking career.

- S

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I totally loved every minute of this film, except Kathy Bates didn't seem like Gertrude Stein to me (lovable as she was) -- contrasting really over-the-top Ernest Hemingway. But really - what a great film!
Nicole said…
Midnight in Paris was good, you say, huh?! I may check it out.....just saw Thor the other day and like that. It wasn't exactly spectacular in my opinion but it still had some entertaining scenes.

I've been delaying opportunities to go check out Morgan Spurlock's new film...hopefully I can get around to it before it's theatrical window closes.


I wanted to let you know that your blog just WON the Overlord Award.

You can pick it up on my post titled "Overjoyed with the Overlord Award" anytime:

The Madlab Post


I may be in New York 2 weeks from now. If the theater that I plan to go to is nearby, I'll try and hit you up!
The Sujewa said…
Sounds good on all items Nicole, send me an email when your trip plans are set.

- S
The Sujewa said…
Yup, Home Inspector Expert (good name for a band btw), the Hemingway characters was awesome. What Allen did w/ that character reminded me a bit of a trick Hal Hartley did in one of his early movies.

- S

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