Sunday, June 12, 2011

2 problems w/ Dynamo Player

As you can see above this post I have one of my novies - Date Number One - available via Dynamo Player.  Overall I am very happy w/ Dynamo, except there are two problems that I have not been able to solve yet (after trying several times over the last month):

1 - Can't add a free preview to my program
-- the upload happens, then nothing, not sure exactly what's going on here, perhaps it's my computer (though other uploads, to other sites, work fine), may need to try to add a preview using another computer

2 - Can't add a still image for the program
-- can't click on the ADD button for an image - nothing happens

Other than that, I am glad that the Dynamo option exists for independents.  With a significant amount of publicity work, for some movies, it might be a good distribution option.  Too early to tell for certain, but, Dynamo looks promising (& hopefully I can get my two problems solved soon).

- S

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