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Dear Film Center/Film Society of Lincoln Center...

Posted below is an e-mail that I sent to Film Center/Film Society of Lincoln Center re: volunteering to help organize a panel discussion featuring NYC based minority filmmakers, an idea that rose out of this post at Ted Hope's blog.

"Sujewa Ekanayake to filminfo, members, patrons, editor

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Volunteer to help organize a panel discussion re: minority indie filmmakers in NYC at Film Center

Dear Film Center/Film Society of Lincoln Center,

I am a New York City (Brooklyn) based independent filmmaker & blogger (see details below my signature) and I enjoyed watching (live on web) the New Faces of NYC Indie Film panel discussion moderated by Ted Hope ( ) at Film Center yesterday. Since that panel discussion, and also many other indie film panel discussions that take place in New York City, did not feature many non-"white" filmmakers, and since there are, and have been for decades, many non-"white" indie filmmakers active in New York City & rest of the US, I think it would be beneficial to many (you, the American film scene in general, the filmmakers themselves) if the Film Center hosted a panel discussion (or several) featuring new (& maybe old) minority/non-"white" filmmakers. Of course this discussion does not have to be a totally segregated event as many such panel events are - the discussion can also feature "white" filmmakers who care about the issue of diversity in indie film & have actively worked to improve the situation. I am volunteering my time & work to help organize a panel discussion at Film Center that features a significant number of non-"white" filmmakers in NYC. Thank you, & I look forward to hearing your thoughts about this event suggestion as soon as it is possible for you to do so.

Sujewa Ekanayake
Director - Brooklyn Fantastic, Indie Film Blogger Road Trip, Date Number One, Capital Heartbreak & Sweetness: 17 DC Poets, Wild Diner, Fresh Coffee
Blogger - DIY Filmmaker ( )
cell: xxx-xxx-xxxx

P.S: I personally do not believe in race theory or in its most popular form at the moment in US - dividing individuals into different camps based on physical features such as skin color, etc. However, by people who do believe in race theory, I am classified as non-"white". Since contemporary US is still holding on to the ideas of races (an invention of the age of discovery - about 500 years ago), divisions created by slavery in the US, then segregation, then ideas highlighted by WWII ear Germany, even though it does not benefit us to do so, & since these beliefs so thoroughly permeate all layers (or at least most) of life in the US, even a non-believer in race theory such as myself cannot avoid dealing with the fact that most people believe in race theory, and act accordingly, often producing negative results. The area of creation & consumption of mass entertainment, under which indie film falls, is a good area as any in American life to continue to deal w/ negative effects of race theory. Thus, a panel discussion featuring non'"white" filmmakers would also make a contribution to the overall/global & national, on-going, discussion about race, race theory, etc. Which, to me, sounds like an ideal project for a significant cultural institution such as the Lincoln Center."
- S

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