Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New short film "Khoobi (are you ok)"

Khoobi (are you ok) - 2011 from Amir Motlagh on Vimeo.

This new short film by Amir Motlagh was released yesterday.  In "Khoobi (are you ok)" a character reflects on living in Iran during the Iran-Iraq war, some aspects of Iranian history, and about his attempt to make movies in America.  A well made movie that features a couple of other interesting stories - a clip from an Iranian movie - about several treasure hunters, & a statement being read by a boy who fought in the Iran-Iraq war.  There is humor throughout the movie - low key - specially enjoyed a brief casting scene where an actor persistently tries to play the lead role in a movie.  "Khoobi", though it looks & sounds like a regular/mainstream accessible movie most of the times, is probably most likely an experimental movie - I will let critics & experts in experimental cinema comment on that aspect of the movie.  So, multiple threads, multiple tones, and reflections within reflections - all shot extremely well & with great sound design & music.  Check it out if you want to see a very interesting (in a positive sense) short film.  Here is the official description of the film, from its Vimeo page:

"A young man born with an obsessive compulsive drive dreams of making a movie. His first feature length film. But obstacles lay in his path, including memories of his childhood days spent in a war torn world, that shake his soul to this day."

More here.

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