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Did the indieWIRE blogs section used to be better (or am I just getting old)?

The indie (real indie) & amature enthusiasm of indieWIRE blogs section seems to be over (or at least it feels like it) & there does not seem to be many blogs on there now that post interesting content.  Maybe it's a temporary thing, a summer thing perhaps, maybe things will get better in the fall.  Or, perhaps the days of indie-film-blogs-as-entertainment are over (i guess it was a good thing i filmed indie film blogger road trip back in '08 - which now seem like a golden era for indie film blogging).  Maybe everyone's moved on to better things, or other platforms such as Twitter & Facebook.  Anyway, kids, back in the day, you were able to go to the indieWIRE blogs page & read some very interesting stories about independent movies & business.  Blogs then were as interesting or in some cases more interesting than the movies & the making of movies that they wrote about.  Now, not so much (although, a couple of blogs on iW blogs page are still very interesting, so, maybe the iW blogs page will make a comeback).

Or, another option (other than waiting for indieWIRE blogs page to get better) is for someone to organize a well financed indie film blogging site that pulls in a lot of interesting voices/bloggers from all corners, & pays bloggers to blog, & create a more interesting/less dull alternative to indieWIRE - a fun place to visit to find out about indie movies, related drama & comedy, etc.  Jump on this idea bright young entrepreneurs, make it happen (& get rich doing it - hopefully :)

- S

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Al Maiorino - Italian Genealogy, Public Strategy Group, & more!

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Nicole said…
Having just come from reading an IndieWire blog post earlier today, I'd say that you're not getting old. Take it however you wish.

For what it's worth, the interviews on there are still pretty interesting.

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