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Werewolf Ninja Philosopher at Vimeo VOD

DIY+, ex-DIY, post-DIY, life after DIY

Some of the new film projects that I am working on are very DIY, but some are not (sprawling projects that take many collaborators & business entities to produce & distribute).  So, most of my new blogging will be done at the new Sujewa Ekanayake blog.  Will post links from time to time for that blog & other projects from this blog.

- S

New blogs for projects by NYC artist Katheryn McGaffigan:

Blog 1

Blog 2

Blog 3

Blog 4

Blog 5

Blog 6

Blog 7

Blog 8

Blog 10 (no blog 9, numbered wrong)

Blog 11

Blog 12

Blog 13

Homemade-poster-to-assist-with-the-scriptwriting for The Real Ben Stiller posted at the film's blog

All Volunteer & Debt Free Filmmaking & Distribution may be a good replacement for Independent Film - 13 quick notes about the idea

new stuff at the SE blog

Time to replace Independent Films label with something like Interesting, Unsual Films

Due to the success of the independent filmmaking movement, & the web, & the digital revolution, Independent Film, at this point in time, is largely a meaningless label.  Because at this point Independent Film does not represent one set of ideas, or one particular political stance - it's just temporarily-outside-of-Hollywood filmmaking - covering genres from horror to coming of age romantic comedies - so almost anything can be called Independent now - even multi-million dollar movies featuring Hollywood stars.  Also, no content - critical voices, just plain bizarre scenes, characters, dialogue, etc - are outside of the mainstream anymore - everything is readily available from one source or another, nothing is forbidden.  So, Independent Film is largely an art/entertainment making movement of the very recent past.  So, what's new - what do we have now?

We have all kinds of interesting filmed art & entertainment happening - on movie screens, on regular TV, on cable TV…