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Link to a good article re: filmmaking (even though the author is a Lena Dunham fan)

Just for the record, I am not a fan of Dunham's new HBO show Girls.  Saw episode 1, and it was a predictable mumblecore gen snooze fest.  Some are complaining about the lack of minority characters in Ms. Dunham's NYC, true, that is a deep problem, but it is one of the last things Girls needs to worry about.  That show's got a long way to go before it can be considered HBO quality entertainment, in my opinion.  But you know, it's alright, people w/ little talent & skill get breaks all the time (why did they include Tiny Furniture in the Criterion Collection!!??!!), sometimes over and over (such as in the curious case of Dunham peer Joe Swanberg), and these well connected & privileged filmmakers do have an audience (a small one), and their existence & baffling amount of press attention & support could motivate other, more talented, more interesting filmmakers who have interesting things to say to put more work in to getting their movies made & out.  Anyway, that bit of Girls criticism aside (i did like Tiny Furniture, but definitely waaayyy over hyped), here's an interesting article by actor/filmmaker Vera Miao (unfortunately she is a Dunham fan, but maybe she might end up making better work than Dunham):

Where All my Ladies at in the Microbudget, Independent Filmmaking Revolution?

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