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Coming soon to this blog - clips from Rick Schmidt's 25 feature films thus far

Some I've seen & enjoyed, the rest I am going to watch soon, all are very interesting, and all done on a low budget.  Will be pulling some clips from each movie & posting them up here & elsewhere on the web in the next few weeks, to let more of the world get a taste for Rick's improvised & well made movies that feature both trained actors & first time actors, with stories that often deal with significant themes - the housing market crash & the credit crunch (Tears of Bankers), love that reaches beyond death (American Orpheus), love & betrayal (Chetzemoka's Curse), dealing with sudden unexpected fortune (The Fifth Wall), late 20th century angst (Blues for the Avatar) - just to name a few examples.  Get ready for some scenes from really good/interesting real indie movies!  If you want to see these movies in full, buy the DVDs at Rick's site.

- S


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Katheryn McGaffigan 
- NYC artist; actor, musician, writer
- performed in Gogol Bordello
- Harvard graduate


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