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Werewolf Ninja Philosopher trailer

A new blog for promoting work by NYC artist Katheryn McGaffigan

Facebook event page for 9/4 screening of Tears of Bankers in NYC

The Return of Rick Schmidt - An Interview Re: Tears of Bankers Screening on 9/4/12 in NYC

Rick Schmidt, veteran indie filmmaker, director of 25 features, author of "Feature Filmmaking At Used Car Prices", is coming back to NYC after a 12 year absence to show his new movie Tears of Bankers at NewFilmmakers/Anthology Film Archives on 9/4/12.  Here is an interview with Schmidt about indie film, Tears of Bankers, and several related items.  He's got a lot of interesting things to say:
Sujewa:  Rick, how do you feel about returning to NYC to show your new movie Tears of Bankers?  And when was the last time that you screened a movie in NYC?  Share any interesting information about that event.
Rick:  Well, for starters it's 2000 that I've had a show in NYC –  when IFFM at Angelica showed my collaborative Chetzemoka's Curse (Dogme No. 10) at the market.  And that was one of those irritating experiences where buyers, filmmakers, and fest people duck in and out all through a screening, which is pretty unpleasant.  Even though…

Facebook page for Brooklyn Fantastic is now up

Check it out, "like" it if you feel like it, spread the word.  At long last Brooklyn Fantastic is coming.  The fiction drama-comedy and documentary hybrid feature - 2 stories fiction, 2 stories documentary - has Susan Buice, Amir Motlagh, Reid Gershbein, & Amanda Haynes in lead roles.  The movie is about 4 artists in Brooklyn - attempting to start careers, attempting to settle in Brooklyn, attempting to change & develop careers.  Clips, trailer, etc coming soon.  Film will go out to film festivals this fall.  Should be available for viewing by the general public w/ in the next 3-6 months.

Susan Buice in a scene from Brooklyn Fantastic
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