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Links to 100+ indie film blogs (from 2009, needs to be updated)

I miss the old indieWIRE blogs pages (2006 - 2008 or so) - where there was a bigger focus on indie films, created through a collection of indie film focused blogs.  And Facebook doesn't quite work as a replacement.  Twitter is too short (individual tweets) and too large (at the moment, I need to search for best indie film focused Twitter pages) and also most of the info is not on one page (requires clicking on a link from one account, then going to another account/page for another link, etc - maybe there is a way around that, will look).  So something new has to be created for me to get a ton of indie film news daily.  This might be a starting point, a list of 100+ indie film related blogs that I created for my doc Indie Film Blogger Road Trip back in 2009.  Let's see how many of these blogs are still active, and let's see what new blogs need to be added to this list.  If you write an indie film focused blog, leave a link in comments.  I may create a publicly accessible blog reader page type (headlines & latest stories) blog for indie film related blogs soon (that's a lot of use of the word blog there :).  OK, the old list:


a work in progress from late december 2008 to mid january 2009
1- Action! Jackson
32- Cynematik
45 - eugonline
46 -Film Essent
85-King Blog


99-100 Films
103 -Out of Focus
109- Reel Artsy
110- The Reeler


130 -Week of Wonders
OTHER - New blogs, & or mostly Hollywood stuff/some indie stuff blogs, etc. - not counted in the indie film blogs list above, but linked (might be of interest to people interested in indie film blogs):



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