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Art films are thriving - Richard Brody

Check out The New Yorker's Richard Brody penned article The State of the "Art Film".  From the article:

"The sanguine forecasts delivered to Gaydos by Tom Bernard, of Sony Classics, have proven right: “The audiences has actually expanded. It’s bigger now, and the circuits have expanded…. There’s a new audience that has learned about art films at the video store.” Corman added that “there is currently the possibility of a rebirth…. We’re seeing more American films that qualify for that loose term, art film.”"

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IndieGoGo - Breakthrough Weekend



At Farzad Rostami's blog:


Netflix Social Shares article

At Wired - check it out, new development.

- Farzad Rostami Project


Win the SEO Game article

Great article at Success magazine.

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'Veronica Mars' Kickstarter success

Read all about it at EW.  Over $2 million raised in less than a day!

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Delaware Photoghrapic Society website

Great site - check out the galleries.

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