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Vimeo's new VOD service - might be an awesome option for self-distributing indie filmmakers

Get the info at this IndieWIRE article.

From the article:

"Who are your competitors in the space? YouTube has an offering [YouTube Rentals, which is still in beta].
What's different from YouTube is that ours is completely open, so anyone with a Vimeo PRO account can create a VOD page, sell their work, choose their price, choose the regions they want to offer and the time that it will be available, make it look beautiful, then push a button that says "publish"... and it's open to the world. That totally open flexible platform is what makes Vimeo unique. Vimeo PRO is an offering for creators for all part of the workflow, so if we close the circle for their video needs, then we're doing a good job -- this is another step in that direction."

Read the rest here.

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