Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Film Finance Guide by Jason Brubaker & Tom Malloy

Looks interesting, & possibly useful.  Check it out here.

From the site:

" “The System Covers The Following Strategies”

  • Find the first step as far as making your dream a reality
  • How to take the first step towards your goals
  • Elements you need before you move forward
  • Why “prepping” is more important than finding investors
  • How to get your hands on The Killer Script
  • How to find a script and option it
  • How to make your script into a killer script
  • Why The Number is essential to prepping you project
  • How you get the correct budget number for your project
  • Write and refine a script with a “producer’s mindset”
  • Insanity versus liability and why this is essential
  • The Vested Interest Approach to Finding Investors
  • How to identify a Liability and turn it into an asset
  • How to identify Insanity and fix it fast
  • Why you need a Business Plan and how to do it right
  • Necessary elements for your business plan
  • How to make sure your business plan remains “organic”
  • How to utilize your business plan to raise film financing
  • Why you need The Pitch and how to create it
  • Know when you can deliver your pitch
  • The three mistakes filmmakers make when pitching
  • An example of a great pitch and how you can create one
  • How to find investors outside of Hollywood
  • How to tailor your project so it appeals to investors "

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