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Interview with Anthology Film Archives programmer Jed Rapfogel re: Cine-Simenon series

From the interview:

"FA: As an American, can you share with us your first encounter with Simenon? Did you know him for his detective novels or mainly  for the numerous film adaptions based on his books?
JR: I’ve always been aware of Simenon as the author of the Maigrets (and unfairly dismissed him as such), but it was only when New York Review Books (NYRB) began re-printing a number of his roman durs that I discovered what an amazing (and dark) writer he is.  I started with “The Man Who Watched Trains Go By”, and was immediately hooked.  I think that may still be my favorite, but I’m also a huge fan of “The Strangers in the House”, “The Engagement”, “Dirty Snow”, “Red Lights”, and “The Act of Passion” (and really all of the roman durs).  I’ve only read a couple Maigrets, to be honest, and wasn’t so taken with them."
Read the rest of the interview here.
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