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Werewolf Ninja Philosopher at Vimeo VOD

Awesome new photo book NEW YORK CITY & BREAKTHROUGH WEEKEND - check out the most excellent digital preview below!

:: I created this 8 x 10, 74 pages, Limited Edition (it won't be made or sold after 1/1/14) photo book to raise funds for post-production & distribution expenses for my new film Breakthrough Weekend.  This book will be a reward in the upcoming crowdfunding campaign for the movie, & it can also be purchased at Blurb.  All profit from the sales go towards BW post & distro expenses.  I have big plans for the movie, & it'll take some money (my goal is to raise $30K at least) to do it right (a well made film - color, sound, etc top notch, festival submissions, getting the film ready for VOD, setting up DVD sales, doing at least a 1 week run of the film in NYC, festival play (hopefully, & lots of it :), release in all available platforms, then market, market, market & distribute the film for 1 whole year, entire 12 months after the first official public screening, to get a lot of people in America & the world to hear about the movie, to buy the movie, to…

Trailer for The Peddler - doc about a DIY filmmaker in Argentina

Looks cool:

More about the movie here.

Distributor's page for the doc here.

From Network's page linked above: "Captivating and inspirational, this remarkable documentary by Argentinian film-makers Lucas Marcheggiano, Eduardo de la Serna and Adriana Yurcovich focuses on veteran DIY filmmaker Daniel Burmeister.

Armed with one of several ready-to-use scripts, Burmeister arrives at a remote Argentinian village in his rickety car. He asks the village authorities for permission to shoot his latest feature film there, using residents of the village as cast and crew; he asks only for lodging and meals until his film’s release a month later. The offer accepted, the making of the film becomes the most important event to take place in the village during that month – and a testament to the power of art to draw together a community. 

The winner of several international awards, The Peddler continues to garner huge acclaim for its honest portrayal of the enthusiasm, optimism and resourcef…

New perks added to A Perfect Weapon IndieGoGo campaign - lots of movies!

From A Perfect Weapon IndieGoGo campaign:

- "$20+ - Weapon Collection new perk

You'll get a digital download of TWO films by Angelo Bell: "Resurrection of Serious Rogers" and "Broken Hearts Club." Email with link will be delivered within 72 hours. Become a card-carrying "Perfect Weapon" with a personalized "business card" and receive a digital download of the movie when it's released. You also get a Badge, a PDF of the shooting script the day the movie is released. *This perk not included in any other package*"

- "$40+ - Ultimate Weapon Collection

Everything in the Weapon Collection plus downloads of Picture Perfect, Sex Shoes & Unicorns, Renounced, Valerie & Sid, Love is for Democrats, The First time, Nanny and the Professional and Get Spielberg. *This perk not included in any other package*

More at the campaign, check it out, donate, get a bunch of indie films!

- S



IndieGoGo - Breakthrough Weekend


Vimeo offers 150 TIFF films $10K each for limited digital rights