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New perks added to A Perfect Weapon IndieGoGo campaign - lots of movies!

From A Perfect Weapon IndieGoGo campaign:

- "$20+ - Weapon Collection new perk

You'll get a digital download of TWO films by Angelo Bell: "Resurrection of Serious Rogers" and "Broken Hearts Club." Email with link will be delivered within 72 hours. Become a card-carrying "Perfect Weapon" with a personalized "business card" and receive a digital download of the movie when it's released. You also get a Badge, a PDF of the shooting script the day the movie is released. *This perk not included in any other package*"

- "$40+ - Ultimate Weapon Collection

Everything in the Weapon Collection plus downloads of Picture Perfect, Sex Shoes & Unicorns, Renounced, Valerie & Sid, Love is for Democrats, The First time, Nanny and the Professional and Get Spielberg. *This perk not included in any other package*

More at the campaign, check it out, donate, get a bunch of indie films!

- S



IndieGoGo - Breakthrough Weekend



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