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My first 2 NYC movies are coming out next year :: Separating the film work to pre-NYC & NYC

2 New Projects, Release Plans

I moved to NYC in mid-late 2008 & started work on my first NYC movie in 2009.  That was Brooklyn Fantastic.  It's an unusual movie - part documentary, part fiction.  It's partially shot (mostly shot), requires 1 more story to tie it all together, which I plan on shooting this winter.  Brooklyn Fantastic will most likely be released in a different fashion than my NYC movie #2 - Breakthrough Weekend.

Breakthrough Weekend - which I started shooting this time last year/2012, is much more of a normal movie - compared to Brooklyn Fantastic.  Breakthrough Weekend is a detective comedy.  It will go through a more regular indie film release process - festivals, theatrical screenings, DVD, VOD, etc.

Breakthrough Weekend will probably be released first.  Early-mid next year (hopefully by March-April).  Then that movie will be promoted & distributed throughout 2014.

Brooklyn Fantastic will probably play at a fest, & then have a theatrical screening, & then become available on internet VOD - all in a short period of time.  Probably right after Breakthrough Weekend is released, or before it, not certain yet.  Brooklyn Fantastic will then more or less passively benefit from all of the distribution & promotion work that I will be doing for Breakthrough Weekend throughout 2014.

Pre-NYC & in NYC

The main difference between the films I made before moving to NYC (Fresh Coffee, Wild Diner, 17 DC Poets, Date Number One, Indie Film Blogger Road Trip) and the ones that I made after moving here (Brooklyn Fantastic, Breakthrough Weekend) was that I was much more concerned about capturing excellent images & having the finished film look polished/visually high quality in the NYC movies.  As I feel that films that look & sound "too indie/punk/DIY" in their technical quality (specially visual) creates a barrier for most people when they try to connect with the story.  I personally am OK with either aesthetic, but, the better looking movies do, well, look better, & are visually more pleasing (well framed shots, good colors, good lighting, etc).  So this new approach requires additional work, additional time, and additional money.  All good, no problem, everything has a price.  So the big difference between my pre-NYC work & NYC work is that I am no longer not concerned about doing fine work (at least fine image quality, sound, and having a good narrative).  The two documentaries I made before moving to NYC - 17 DC Poets & Indie Film Blogger Road Trip - while technically fine, did not have stories/narratives - I just wanted to capture poets performing & bloggers talking about their work.  Since most people are not able to enjoy feature length documentaries without a strong narrative, I probably will not make such documentaries again.  But you never know, unusual side projects are always fun.

I have several new fiction features planned for the near future.  And all are in the more polished/fine Breakthrough Weekend style.

Soon I will have an awesome new website with great visuals & information on all 7 of my movies thus far.  I believe all of the pre-NYC ones will be remade in some fashion - all as narrative features or all as parts of narrative features - in the near future.  Either then or before, all should be available to view (including the original versions that inspired the re-makes) through the internet by the end of 2014.

Date Number One in full, & a clip from Indie Film Blogger Road Trip, & a teaser trailer for Breakthrough Weekend & a segment from Breakthrough Weekend are available to view now on Vimeo.

- Sujewa



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