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Great trailer - for Chris Hansen's new drama about an affair - WHERE WE STARTED

Here's the trailer.  Film is well made, beautifully shot, well directed/great acting.  Good indie drama, great dialogue.

Where We Started (official trailer 2) from Chris Hansen on Vimeo.

Official website for the film is here -

From a review of the movie:

"Hansen’s approach, one would have to imagine, is closer to the reality of how true extramarital affairs work, that average American suburban married couples just don’t jump easily into bed with the first available complete stranger. Despite what statistics might say about divorce and infidelity in modern America, or what we see in any given episode of Mad Men, is cheating on a spouse such an easy emotional decision to make?
Hansen bets on that answer being “No,” and has crafted a simple, yet emotionally complex mini-drama."
After playing two festivals the film is searching for more great festivals to play US & world wide.  Contact Chris Hansen here re: getting this awesome indie drama for your festival.  The film is also searching for great distribution opportunities.

This is Hansen's 3rd feature.  See his previous work at Fandor

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